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Durex — working in the UK on HIV and sexual health

Durex is working in the UK on projects to raise awareness and understanding of HIV and promote good sexual health.

Durex works with its partners to

  • Raise the general level of knowledge about HIV
  • Raise awareness of how HIV is transmitted
  • Raise awareness of how HIV can be prevented

Durex is partnering NAT (National AIDS Trust) to get these messages across by providing its expertise in creating information websites and communication programmes for the general public and as part of its commitment to improving sexual health?

Durex is also making sure that the information is available to healthcare professionals so that they can refer their patients to the facts about HIV.

More initiatives from the partnership will be created including an educational resource for healthcare professionals that will help them communicate with the general public about HIV. This will be launched on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2011.

Durex helps raise awareness of safer sex and good sexual health by working with the NHS and with UK sexual health charities such as Brook and FPA to provide support and educational programmes.

In the absence of a 'cure' for AIDS, prevention remains the first — and only — line of defence. Condoms are the only proven barrier method available that protect against both unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

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The next World AIDS Day is on 1 December 2013.
Please visit the site nearer the time for information on events and ordering red ribbons.

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